Before beginning your application, please consult loranscholar.ca/becoming-a-scholar for detailed information about the Loran Award.

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IMPORTANT - It is not possible to change the language of the application site after you start your application. Make sure you choose the language in which you are most comfortable. The language you select for your application will carry into your interviews if you are selected. Francophone candidates who receive sponsorship can apply to one of the following committees: Canada Atlantique/Est (Fredericton, NB); Quebec City, QC; Montreal, QC; Sherbrooke, QC; Northern and Rural Quebec, QC; Ottawa-Gatineau, ON; Sudbury, ON; Franco-Ouest (elsewhere in Canada).

Pour postuler en français, utiliser le lien suivant: postuler.loranscholar.ca.

Is your school planning to sponsor your application or are you applying to the direct pool (without sponsorship)?

  • If you would like to submit a sponsored application, please get in touch with your guidance counsellor or a school administrator to understand your school's process and to see if there is an internal deadline for sponsorship consideration.
  • You can also return to this page at any time and change your selection before the sponsored pool deadline.
  • If you are seeking sponsorship and miss the sponsored pool deadline of October 17, 2019 at 8:00 PM EDT or you are not approved for school sponsorship, you will be automatically entered into the direct pool, provided your application and reference forms have been completed by the direct pool deadline of October 24, 2019 at 8:00 PM EDT.

By starting your application, from this page, you agree to continuing your application in English. If you are selected for an interview, your interviews will be conducted in English. If you wish to switch to French, please begin your application from https://postuler.loranscholar.ca.